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State Laws and Statutes Prohibiting Employment Discrimination

ALABAMA: Title 25 of the Code of Alabama 1975

ALASKA: Title 23 of Alaska Statutes

ARIZONA: Title 23 of Arizona Revised Statutes

ARKANSAS: Title 11 of Arkansas Department of Labor Laws and Regulations

CALIFORNIA: Chapter 98.75 of the California Labor Code

COLORADO: Title 8 of Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

CONNECTICUT: Title 31 of the Connecticut Department of Labor

DELAWARE: Title 19 of the Delaware CodeM

DISTRICT of COLUMBIA: Title 36 of the District of Columbia Code

FLORIDA: Title 31 of the Florida Statutes

GEORGIA: Title 34 the Georgia Code

HAWAII: Title 21 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes

IDAHO: Title 44 of the Idaho Statutes

ILLINOIS: Chapter 820 of the Illinois State Employment Law

INDIANA: Title 22 of the Indiana Code

IOWA: Title 3 of the Code of Iowa

KANSAS: Chapter 44 of the Kansas Statutes

KENTUCKY: Title XXVII of the Kentucky Revised Statutes

LOUISIANA: Title 23 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes

MAINE: Title 26 of the Maine Revised Statutes

MARYLAND: Labor and Employment Article of the Maryland State Statutes

MASSACHUSETTS: Part I, Title XXI of the General Laws of Massachusetts

MICHIGAN: Chapter 408 of the Michigan Compiled Laws

MINNESOTA: Chapter 175 through 186 of the Minnesota Statutes

MISSISSIPPI: Title 71 of the Mississippi Code

MISSOURI: Title XVIII of the Missouri Revised Statutes

MONTANA: Title 39 of the Montana Code

NEBRASKA: Chapter 48 of the Nebraska Statutes

NEVADA: Title 53 of the Nevada Revised Statutes

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Section 275 of New Hampshire Revised Statutes

NEW JERSEY: Title 34 of New Jersey Statutes Anotated

NEW MEXICO: Chapter 50 of New Mexico Statutes Annotated

NEW YORK: Executive Law Article 15, New York State Human Rights Law

NORTH CAROLINA: Chapter 95240 through Chapter 95245 of the North Carolina General Statutes

NORTH DAKOTA: Chapter 14 of the North Dakota Century Code

OHIO: Section 4112.02 of the Ohio Revised Code

OKLAHOMA: Title 40 of the Oklahoma Statutes

OREGON: Title 51, Chapters 651 663 of the Oregon Revised Statutes

PENNSYLVANIA: Title 43 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes

RHODE ISLAND: Title 28 of the Rhode Island General Laws

SOUTH CAROLINA: Title 41 of the South Carolina Code of Laws

SOUTH DAKOTA: Title 60 of the South Dakota Codified Laws

TENNESSEE: Title 50 of the Tennessee Code

TEXAS: Texas Labor Code

UTAH: Title 34 of the Utah Code

VERMONT: Title 21 of the Vermont Statutes

VIRGINIA: Title 40.1 of the Code of Virginia

WASHINGTON: Title 49 of the Revised Code of Washington

WEST VIRGINIA: Chapter 21 of the West Virginia Code

WISCONSIN: Chapter 111 of the Wisconsin Statutes

WYOMING: Title 27 of the Wyoming Statutes

Inside State Laws and Statutes Prohibiting Employment Discrimination