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Recordkeeping and Reporting

Two main records are required by OSHA to be kept by covered employers: OSHA Form 200 and OSHA Form 101. OSHA Form 200 is an injury/illness log. There are separate line entries for each record-able incident of illness or injury. The ongoing log also captures (by line entry) such information as whether the illness/injury required offsite or onsite medical treatment, whether there was a loss of consciousness, whether there were any restrictions of work or motion, and whether the employee was transferred to another job. At year’s end, a summary Form 200, capturing the totals of illness and injury incidents, must be posted for the entire month of February in the following year.

OSHA Form 101 is the form used to record data involving each accident, injury, or illness. The form provides room for added detail about the facts surrounding the event. Workers’ compensation claims forms or insurance claims forms may be substituted for the OSHA 101.

Employers are also required to report to the nearest OSHA office within eight hours of any accident that results in death or hospitalization of three or more employees. Periodically, employers may be contacted and notified that they have been selected to participate in the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) survey. Special recording and reporting forms may be required as part of the survey.

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