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Delaware unemployment benefits can help you get through a financial crunch if you find yourself without a job through no fault of your own. Filing for unemployment in Delaware is a relatively simple process.

To qualify for unemployment insurance benefits in the state of Delaware, you must:

1. Be unemployed through no fault of your own
2. Have earned enough money during a base period to qualify
3. Be able to work and actively searching for employment while drawing weekly unemployment
4. Have had employee status with a company that was required to pay unemployment taxes under Delaware’s unemployment laws

5. Register for work with the Delaware Division of Employment and Training

Before you apply for unemployment compensation in Delaware, you should assemble all the necessary information you will need to file the claim. This includes:

1. Your Social Security number, legal name, address, and phone number
2. A separation letter or notice, with the reason for your job loss, if you have one
3. Information on all former employers for the previous 20 months, including:

Names and addresses
Dates of employment
Proof of U.S. citizenship or legal immigration status

Initial unemployment claims in Delaware need to be filed at a Delaware Unemployment Insurance Claims Office.

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