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New Jersey

If you lost your job in New Jersey, you may be eligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits from the state of New Jersey. You should apply as soon as possible so that you can start receiving checks. The steps below will show you how it’s done.

You will only receive unemployment if you meet the following requirements are met:

  • You have had a job in New Jersey
  •  You are not at fault for losing your job
  • You are actively seeking employment
  •  You are physically capable of working
  •  You are available to work
  •  You have not turned work down

Make sure you have the following info handy before applying:

  •  Social security number
  •  Mailing address
  •  Phone number
  •  Names and addresses of previous 4 employers
  •  Alien registration, if you are not a citizen

There are two ways to apply. You can go online to for the fastest and easiest filing. If you are told that you do not qualify for online filing, or would prefer to do it by phone, call the proper number provided on the website (it will depend on your area of residence) at the proper time posted. Different social security numbers must call on different days of the week, though Thursdays and Fridays are open to everyone.

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