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Filing for unemployment benefits in Oklahoma can be done through the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission online or via the telephone. Employment benefits can range from $16 – $409 per week, depending on your income during the base period, which encompasses the previous year beginning three months from the time you file.

To qualify for unemployment benefits in the state of Oklahoma, you must:

  •  Have not become unemployed by any fault of your own. This means you cannot have been fired due to your conduct, or have left of your own accord without a legitimate reason.
  •  Be actively seeking employment. This means performing at least two activities per week to show you are trying to find a job.
  •  Have earned at least $1,500 from an insured employer during your year-long base period. Your total income during that time must also equal 1.5 times the amount of your highest pay quarter. Each quarter is comprised of three months.
  •  If you are only available to work a limited number of hours or are involved in a strike, you may not be eligible

In order to file for your unemployment insurance, you will need to:

  • Have your Social Security Number available
  • Have the name, number, address and dates of employment for all of your employers for the previous 18 months
  •  Visa or Alien registration number if applicable
  •  If you worked out of state for the federal government or the military in the last 18 months, you will need to provide your DD214 Member 4 or SF-8 and SF-50, Notice of Personnel Action Form for federal employees
  •  Your current address and phone number

In the state of Oklahoma, there are two ways in which you can file for unemployment. You can either file online or by telephone.

To apply online you must have the Internet Explorer 5.0 browser.

To apply by telephone:

Oklahoma state residents call: 1-800-555-1554
Out of State residents call: 1-800-317-3797

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