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If you lost your job in the state of Oregon, you may file for unemployment benefits. You should file an application as soon as you become unemployed. If you delay, you may lose some of your benefits. According to the Oregon Employment Department, the maximum weekly unemployment benefit in Oregon is $482.

In order to be eligible to collect unemployment in the state of Oregon, you must:

  •  Be unemployed through no fault of your own
  •  Meet base period wages eligibility requirements
  •  Be actively seeking new employment
  •  Be physically and mentally able to work

Eligibility for unemployment benefits in Oregon is determined after you have filed a claim.

Before you file an unemployment claim in Oregon, you will need:

  •  Social Security number
  •  Work history for the past 18 months, including: dates of employment, your employers’ business names and addresses, employers’ phone numbers, salary/total income from each employer
  • Alien Registration Number (if applicable)
  • Phone number

Unemployed workers in Oregon may apply for benefits two ways: on the Internet, via Oregon’s Online Claim System, or by visiting the nearest Oregon Unemployment Insurance Center in your area.

You will need to go to a center in person if any of the following apply:

  •  You were active in a branch of the military for 90 days or more over the last 18 months, exclusing National Guard training
  •  You filed an unemployment insurance claim in any other state within the last year
  •  You haven’t worked in Oregon in the past 18 months
  •  You worked as a merchant seaman in the past 18 months

If you have lost your job in the state of Oregon, or if you have had your hours cut through no fault of your own, you may be eligible to collect unemployment. The amount will vary, depending on your earnings in your previous job, but the money can help tide you over until you find a new job or until your hours are increased again.

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