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Rhode Island

Rhode Islanders who find themselves unemployed may qualify for unemployment benefits. Claims are handled by the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training. If you qualify, you may receive a weekly unemployment benefits check for up to $528. As with most other states, you may collect unemployment for up to 26 full weeks during a 52-week period.

In order to be eligible to collect unemployment in the state of Rhode Island, an individual must:

  • Be unemployed through no fault of his/her own
  • Meet certain earnings requirements
  • Able to work
  •  Available and searching for work
  •  Be willing to accept a suitable job

To file an unemployment claim in the state of Rhode Island, a person will need:

  • Social Security number
  •  Driver’s license number or state-issued identification number
  •  Information about all former employers worked for in the last two years, including: name, address, telephone number
  • Alien Registration number (if applicable)
  • Name and local number of union hall (if applicable)
  •  Information on all dependant children, including: names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth

The Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training recommends filing for unemployment benefits within seven days of last day of employment. As in many other states, Rhode Island residents may apply for unemployment insurance benefits in one of two ways.

1. Online, via the Rhode Island Unemployment Insurance (UI) Internet Claims System

• Internet Explorer 5.0 or Firefox version 2.0 or greater is required
• Claims may be filed 24/7

2. Via telephone

• Rhode Island residents should call 1-401-243-9100
• Call 1-866-557-0001 if you are out of state

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