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Exempt Employees

Not all employees are protected by the FSLA. Some employees are exempt from minimum wage protections, and some employees are exempt from overtime pay requirements. Employers may try to avoid the FSLA requirements by categorizing their employees as exempt, but courts narrowly construe whether an employee is exempt and place the burden of proof on the employer.

There are numerous examples of employees who are exempt from the protections of the FSLA. Employees who earn more than half of their total earnings from sales commissions are usually exempt from FSLA overtime requirements. Computer professionals who earn at least $27.63 per hour are not entitled to overtime pay, either. Drivers and mechanics whose jobs affect the safety of vehicles that transport people or property are exempt from the overtime pay requirement. Farm workers on small farms are exempt from both minimum wage and overtime pay requirements. Most employees of car dealerships are exempt from overtime pay requirements. Seasonal and recreational employers do not have to comply with minimum wage or overtime requirements of the FSLA. Finally, white collar workers—employees whose job duties are executive, administrative, professional, or involve outside sales—are exempt from minimum wage and overtime pay requirements. The FSLA lists numerous other exemptions, as well.

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