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Code Section

Prohibited Activity
Can not dismiss, discipline, or other adverse personnel action against employee for disclosing information of any violation or suspected violation of law or regulation or act by independent contractor which creates a substantial and specific danger to the public’s health, safety, and welfare or act of gross management malfeasance, gross public waste of funds or gross neglect of duty unless information known by employee to be false

Public or Private Employees

Opportunity for Employer to Correct?

If employee of state agency: file complaint after pursuing administrative remedy or civil action within 180 days after receipt of notice of investigation termination. If local public employee: have 60 days after violation to file complaint with appropriate local government authority. Then can bring civil action within 180 days after final decision of local governmental authority, or 180 days after violation if authority hasn’t an administrative procedure by ordinance or contract. Any other person: after exhausting all available contractual or administrative remedies may bring civil action within 180 days after violation. Relief: reinstatement, back and full benefits, lost wages, reasonable costs, injunction,
temporary reinstatement


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