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Code Section

Prohibited Activity
Can not prohibit employee from discussing the agency’s operation with member of legislature, reporting violation of state or federal law, rules or regulations or require prior notice to making report

Public or Private Employees

Opportunity for Employer to Correct?

If employee is permanent, classified, can appeal to state civil service board, any court of law or administrative hearing, if filed within 30 days of alleged disciplinary action. If employee is unclassified, can bring civil action, for injunction and/or actual damage, within 90 days of alleged violation. Court can grant reinstatement, back wages, full reinstatement of benefits and seniority rights, actual damages, and reasonable attorney fees and witness fees

If officer or employee is permanent, classified, suspension on leave without pay for maximum of 30 days; if willful or repeated violation, may require resignation or disqualification for appointment to or employment as a state officer or employee for maximum of 2 years

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